Hi, my name is Marianne or Marrianna to my family. I’m a fitness expert and personal trainer. Now, I know that I share my name with a famous fitness model too!

I offer various personal training and fitness programs to meet your needs and fitness goals. I am conveniently located in Central New York and usually based at Lift Gym in Midtown. I am highly trained and certified to help my clients to achieve their fitness and personal health goals.

I offer a few different degrees of exercising and training styles such as beginner, intermediate and also advanced training which is also suitable for athletes.

I am available to travel to your gym within the New York area to make your training experience convenient for you.

Training Levels


This is recommended for those who are completely new to the gym, working out and weight training. My individual fitness sessions are designed to teach you the core techniques of proper exercises. Also, the workout sessions also cover etiquette, stretching and how t use the machines in the correct way. These sessions are about 1 hour long and can be as a group on individual. I also offer nutritional guidance and email & phone support with these sessions

Intermediate Level

This level of training is for those with certain objectives i mind such a losing weight, improving their cardio conditioning or gaining muscle. These workouts are more customized and also have proper core work, super-sets, circuit training sessions, flexibility work and also stability & balance training.

Advanced Level Training

Advances training sessions are for those who are quite high in their fitness experience. These sessions will include training for a specific sport, athletic conditions and also post-rehab workouts. I recommend anyone who is working at this level has at least 5 years of intense exercise experience before taking part in this training. Due to the rest periods required for this, these sessions run from around 60 to 90 minutes. Nutrition advice and support on email and phone are included.